Back to School Reminders!!

1. Be sure you have a CLEAR backpack. All students, kindergarten through 12 grade, must have a clear backpack.
2. If you are new to WMSD, go up to the top of this webpage, and hover over students and parents. Click on the student registration option in order to register your student. If you are attending West Junior High next year, there is an in-person registration for NEW STUDENTS only Thursday, August 4 and Friday, August 5. Check out the times and place in the image.
 West Jr. new student registration
**Please note: If you attended a school in WMSD last school year, you are already registered. You do not need to register a second time.**
3.  Check out our previous post for open house/back to school event dates and times.
4. You may find elementary school supply lists in the parents and students section to the far right. Find your school, and click on the file. Then, find your grade for the upcoming school year.
5. Supply lists for junior and high school students are given by individual teachers. You can receive that information at open house events or on the first day of school.
6. School begins August 22!!