Addressing School Safety

Lieutenant Darrell Hays, Major Stacy Allen, and Deputy Prosecutor Tiarra Tanner spoke with Academies of West Memphis juniors and seniors in a special assembly on Thursday.
"I asked her to speak to junior and senior high students about what you can and can't do according to the law," said Major Allen about Deputy Prosecutor Tanner. 
During Tanner's conversation with students, she was honest and upfront about guns and violence in schools. "What you can never do is bring a gun up here to address bullying," asserted Tanner. She then added, "You have to be your own advocate. You have to advocate for your own best interest." 
Additionally, Tanner expanded on other topics related to school violence. These ranged from making threats and sending videos to what happens if you are caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.
She advised, "You know where the push button is on the car. If you see an iPhone cord hanging out, get out of the car. That car is stolen and whoever gets caught with the car gets arrested." 
Lt. Hays believes this tough conversation is timely and important to keeping students safe. 
"I know things are hard these days. A lot of things are happening in the world, but we are at this school to make sure it runs good and protect y'all," said Lt. Hays.
Students were allowed to ask the officers and attorney questions throughout the address.