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Welcome to West Memphis School District website. We are proud to serve the city of West Memphis by continuing to educate children to the standards of excellence that will empower them to be successful in higher education and in the workplace.
The very focal point of our mission is our students. The public educational structure is our nation's last best chance to significantly reach and mold the lives of children. The faculty and staff at West Memphis are doing just that.
West Memphis School District's standard of excellence has been the passion for personalizing the educational process of students. Historically, West Memphis students have produced exemplary scores in regards to the state and national exams. The progression level in academics coupled with a balanced offering of extra-curricular activities is what makes West Memphis the flagship district for education in the Delta.
The information contained in this site is a "snap shot" of the many great things West Memphis has to offer. Thanks for considering the West Memphis School District as an option for your educational and /or professional needs. Best of luck as you broaden your educational horizon.
Richard Atwill-Superintendent of Schools
Willie Harris - Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools
Loutelious Holmes - Assistant Superintendent of Federal Programs
Malissa Crawford-Business Manager