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Kindergarten and New Student Registration FAQs
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General Questions

What is needed to begin my Kindergarten and New Student Registration?

Parent/Guardian MUST have an email address. A free email may be obtained

from or


When does Kindergarten and New Student Registration begin?

New Student Registration begins Monday, July 6.

Visit WMSD.NET >Student Enrollment for access links and detailed information for each category.


What devices can be used to register my kindergarten or new student?

  • home computer(including Chromebook)

  • ipad

  • cell phone


Preschool Enrollment?

Please contact Ms. Glenda Nelson at (870) 600-0500 or


What is the primary way to register my kindergarten or new student?

Parents are encouraged to use the convenient online registration process for Kindergarten and New Students beginning July 6 to limit the number of people who have to make a trip to a school building for a reason other than to drop off registration documents.*



*All registration practices will comply with current physical distancing guidelines directed by the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) and the Arkansas Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) .

How long will Kindergarten and New Student registration remain open?

The Kindergarten and New Student Registration online registration portal will open beginning July 6 and will be closed September 30. School Counselors will be available to help any parent or guardian who needs assistance using the following schedule:

  • Elementary Counselors on or after August 3

  • Secondary Counselors on or after July 22

Are enrollment documents required to finalize registration?

Yes, enrollment documents are required to finalize registration .

Where can I find my student's school zone?

WMSD School Zones - The map will show the school located in your area

Kindergarten & New Student Registration Questions

What are the enrollment documents required for kindergarten registration?

  • Official birth certificate

  • Social Security Card

  • Completed immunization record

  • Health screening ; a kindergarten physical form can be downloaded here

  • Proof of residence in the school zone

What are the enrollment documents needed for new student registration (Grade 1-12)?

  • Official birth certificate

  • Social Security Card

  • Completed immunization record

  • Proof of residence in the school zone

  • Name and address of previous school attended and last report card, if available.

What proof of residence documentation is accepted?

  • One of the following:

      1. A current utility bill (within 30 days}, gas or electric , showing the name and address of the student's legal guardian within the attendance zone of the school to attend. If this is provided, no other documentation is needed.

      2. A home lease or purchase contract including physical address.

      3. Home visit to the address for verification by a designated school official.

  • Families living in a situation where these documents are in another person’s name will need to provide a signed written statement from the residence provider attesting to the family living at the address along with a utility bill in the owner ' s name. The letter will need to be provided to the school Counselor's office.

  • An approved School Choice letter .

  • Documentation of an approved transfer within the district - class size or attendance area exception .

  • An independent investigation may be made to confirm or deny the verification of any claimed address when seen as needed by school administration.

How do I register my student without internet services at home?

Families who do not have internet services or devices at home will have the opportunity to use an alternative registration process that is both safe and fair. These families are invited to call their students’ prospective school to make an appointment to visit the school and register the student.

Upon arrival in the school parking lot, parents and guardians will be asked to call the school office to let the school representative know of their arrival. A school representative will direct you to the location where you may begin registering your student online. Using appropriate physical distancing practices, the school representative will collect your documents for upload and make copies for the counselor. Parents will need to be sure and log out of the computer when finished.

Do I have to answer all the questions?

Questions marked with a red asterisk ( * ) are required.

What if I make a mistake?

If you would like to make a change, prior to submitting the form, you can navigate back a page using the “Previous” and “Next” buttons.

I’ve completed the form, now what?

Once you have finished entering your information, click “Submit”. The information you’ve entered will electronically be sent to the school Counselor. If you cannot click on the Submit button, you will need to make sure that you have answered all REQUIRED questions.

What if I have more than one student in the district? Do I need to do this for each child?

Yes, because you’ll need to provide information that is specific for each child. You will only need to create one login. You may add additional children under the same account. We recommend that you complete and submit one form and then start another – this will allow you to “snap” (or share) selected family information, which saves you time.

Is there any other information I need to know about Kindergarten or New Student Registration?

  • Due to COVID-19 restrictions, a parent that needs to visit their child’s school, will be encouraged to come alone to complete registration.

  • When providing enrollment documents to schools, please practice social distancing by remaining six feet apart and do not gather in groups of more than 10 people.

Is there a limit to the number of students who can be enrolled in a class?

Arkansas Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) class-size standards limit the number of children in a classroom for each teacher based on the grade-level of students.

  • Kindergarten classrooms are limited to 20 or fewer students.

  • Classrooms of students in Grades 1-3 are limited to 25 students.

  • Classes of students in Grades 4-6 are limited to 28.

  • Secondary classes (Grades 7-12) are limited to 30.

Because of this , we ask that you promptly and accurately fill out this registration information.

I’m having technical difficulties and need help.

If you experience technical issues completing the online form in PowerSchool Registration, you may contact the PowerSchool Registration support line at 866-434-6276 or utilize the support chat: Chat Support for further assistance.

Retrieving a password can be done either online or by contacting the PowerSchool Registration Support Team directly. To retrieve a password online, the family can select the 'Forgot password?' link on the Account Sign In screen. From there they must enter the account's associated Email Address. They will then be able to either recover a temporary password sent to their account's email address, or they can choose to answer their security questions online and immediately enter a new password.

The PowerSchool Registration Support Team will be able to send a temporary password, or, after answering the security questions, will be able to change the password on the account. For security and privacy reasons the PowerSchool Registration Support Team does not have access to current passwords.

What if I need someone else to pick up my child from school?

Please click here to download the Student Pick-Up Authorization Form.

What if my family is displaced?

Please click here for the Residency Waiver Forms (Services under the McKinney-Vento Act)

I have a question about kindergarten or new student registration. Who can I connect with?

If you have questions about kindergarten or new student registration, please contact the school in your attendance area or contact:


Mrs. Terri McCann

Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education

(870) 735-1915


Mr. Willie Harris

Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education

(870) 735-1915

In-District Transfer Waiver Information

In-District Waivers (Attendance Area Exceptions) - Between school zones within the West Memphis School District – Elementary Transfer or Secondary Transfer . You may also contact the Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education or the Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education at the Central Office.

(870) 735-1915.