Atwill delivers good news to Dr. Quarrels and Chiquita Riley at Wonder Jr.

"This is worth me taking my mask off," commented Dr. Palmer Quarrels, principal of Wonder Junior High School, after she received word her school was recognized for demonstrating high growth on the ACT Aspire.

Mr. Richard Atwill delivered the good news to Dr. Quarrels, her office staff, and her literacy coach Chiquita Riley. 

According to the Office for Education Policy at the University of Arkansas Outstanding Educational Performance Awards in the  middle school report, Wonder Junior High School received High Overall Growth and High ELA Growth both in the Northeast region of the state. 


"I'll take growth any long as we show growth and our kids are progressing, we are on the right path," said Atwill.

Cheers of joy and dances of elation filled Dr. Quarrels' office after Mr. Atwill announced the two awards. 

Even though school leaders were left speechless, they did acknowledge the hard work and dedication of administrators, teachers, staff members, and students who helped make this success possible.

"Words can't express how happy I am to hear this. We have worked so hard. I am so excited I could almost cry," exclaimed Ms. Riley.

She went on explain how the school has come together to insure all students can learn and do well. Dr. Quarrels agreed, saying, "This campus has worked really hard. You don't get too many of these. Wow...this is so good."