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Identification Process

The process for placement in the gifted and talented program is an all inclusive model. At the end of the 2nd grade year all students are given two state department Gifted Tests, which includes a nonverbal test of reasoning and logic, and a nonverbal test of creativity. In addition, scores from the STAR Reading Program are used for Second Graders and ACT Aspire Test Scores are used for grades 3 and above. The scores are accompanied with core subject area grades. The overall score is then generated and used to qualify students for the Gifted and Talented program.



Whole class enrichment designed to provide identification information through lessons prepared by a Gifted and Talented facilitator based on the Talents Unlimited model. Various STEM Activities are also included in the program.

Grades 3-12

The Gifted and Talented Program for the West Memphis School District is a pull out program. Therefore, identified students are required to receive services from a trained Gifted and Talented Facilitator for 150 minutes per week.

3rd Grade

Creativity based learning focusing on fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration with units of study that includes famous, artists, Crime Scene Investigation, Mythology, Fairy Tales, Coding, Nursery Rhymes, STEM, Creativity, and logic.

4th Grade

Research based learning designed to teach and enhance students research skills that leads to better writing and the understanding of concepts that are being taught, with the focus on researching and applying the knowledge that is learned in the fields of Coding, Filming, and Drones.

5th Grade

Project based learning using Bloom's Taxonomy and the Multiple Intelligence approach with an emphasis on science.

6th Grade

Project and unit based learning with an emphasis on social studies and geography.

Grades 7-12

Gifted and Talented services are provided to identified students with a differentiated curriculum through Honors Classes, Pre-Advanced Placement Classes, Advanced Placement Classes, and through Concurrent Credit Classes.

*Gifted and Talented Programs in Arkansas are mandated programs by the State Department of Education in Little Rock. These mandated programs are designed to enhance and enrich students who possess above average abilities, task commitment skills, and an enhanced creative ability.


K-2 Teacher

3rd Grade Teacher

4th Grade Teacher

5th Grade Teacher

6th Grade Teacher

Annette McClure

Marianne Cupples

Shelley Crosthwait

Kristen Bernard

Amy Holt

Sara Hays

Gifted and Talented Form

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Quiz Bowl is an academic competition for elementary, junior high and high school students. Teams answer questions on all topics and score points for all questions answered correctly. The game consists of 4 rounds of competition. Two toss up question rounds, one toss up bonus round and a lightening round. Students compete locally in academic competitions as well as the Co-op, regional, and state tournaments. Each school is represented at competitions.

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Third grade GT is a year-long, pull-out class focusing on units of study. Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes, STEM, Art, Mythology, Crime Scene Investigation, Coding, including Creativity and Logic. Class activities focus on extending thinking skills including fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration through various STEM Challenges. Each student creates a portfolio containing the numerous class activities. This portfolio serves as a form of documentation of the student;s above average ability and task commitment, as well as his/her creativity. Documentation is also kept in the form of teacher notations and lesson plans that are on file in the GT Office.

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Fourth grade area of study will be based on various STEM Challenges which will enhance their understanding and knowledge of Drones and Film. This involves coding, understanding the concept of DroneBlocks, Drone Safety and Rules, Vocabulary, Drone Missions by code, etc. Film study involves learning what happens behind the scenes, understanding specific terminology, as well as writing their own script, editing, and producing their own film. Subsequently, the students will add voice overs and music to their creation. Another concept of the program of study is that the students will also learn to write reviews. Documentation is achieved via students portfolios, teacher notations and weekly lesson plans that are kept on file in the GT Office.

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Fifth Grade Gifted and Talented students will focus on circuity, force and motion, robotics, and STEM Challenges. Through interactive hands-on activities, students understand important concepts necessary to successfully complete STEM projects. As 21st century learners, students are provided learning opportunities within the area of Computer Science to build a simple robot and use computer programming "coding" in order for the robot to accomplish a desired task. Students use various grade specific STEM Challenges throughout the year to improve their creative and critical thinking skills. Documentation is monitored via student portfolios, teacher observation and notations, and the facilitator's weekly lesson plans that are kept on file in the GT Office.

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Sixth grade area of study will focus on Environmental Science and their school's carbon footprint, Computer Science and Coding, Historical Engineering--focusing on Ancient Egypt, and Math Art. All activities are STEM based. Students will build pyramids based on specific measurements and criteria, gain an understanding of how to harness the power of the Nile River, and the proper wrapping of a Life Size Mummy. Students will also explore the current Presidential Election and try to pursued Mrs. Hays to vote for their chosen candidate. Students will also touch on real life economic situations and the possibility of time travel. Documentation is monitored via students portfolios, teacher observation and notations, and the facilitators weekly lesson plans that are kept on file in the GT Office.

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