Special Services

Special Services

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Our Mission

Our mission is to work together as a cohesive team to identify students who meet the Federal and State Criteria as a student with disabilities requiring an individualized education plan and to provide services to encourage lifelong learning, promote the acceptance of unique differences, and to provide knowledge to all staff, families, and members of the community. We are committed to meeting the diverse academic, emotional, and social needs of all of the students in a respectful and positive environment.

LEA Supervisor

SpEducation Program Compliance Coordinator

Student Data Manager

Administrative Professional

Due Process Clerk


School Psychology Specialist

School Psychology Specialist

SPED Social Worker


Dr. Paula Rose- Greer - pgreer@wmsd.net

Tracy Hurst - thurst@wmsd.net

Melvia McCauley - mmccauley@wmd.net

Debra Jackson - dajackson@wmsd.net

Sherell Hawkins - shawkins@wmsd.net

Allisun Dulli - adulli@wmsd.net

Anthony Davis - adavis@wmsd.net

Crystal Fifer- McCaster - cfifer@wmsd.net

Pam McCoy - pmccoy@wmsd.net

Dian Sain - dsain@wmsd.net

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