Will the school day be the same length in time for virtual learners?

yes. WMSD has a plan in place to apply the same rigor as one would experience physically attending class. It will be different, but with more accountability than we were equipped to provide at the end of the 2019-2020 school year. Computing devices will be provided for all Blended and Virtual learners, as well as Internet hotspots and service for those without WiFi in the home.

Has the district secured enough PPE and hand sanitizer for each classroom?

yes. Plenty masks, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, etc have been received to last the first 6-8 weeks with preset scheduled purchases for replenishment.

If a blended learning student is home sick, will they be able to log in to do virtual learning for that period they’re at home?

Yes, we will do our best to pivot for students if they are able to attend virtually.

will this webinar be recorded and posted on the web

Yes, that is our plan.

Will the campus be completely closed to the public/visitors during school hours

Yes, for the most part. We have educational consultants who will be coming in to the school but no visitors without necessity.

Will the state be responsible for contact tracing

Yes, but we also have a Point of Contact for the district and we will be getting that information out to parents and staff members soon.

Regarding the question of positive cases being disclosed by the school. It is understood that personal information wouldn’t be given…but if there is a handful of cases at a particular school, would parents be alerted?

Yes, as it pertains to your child.

Choosing blended learning, will parents get a walk through to see the classroom/school day set-up?

We won't be allowing walk throughs on the campus. Many schools are doing videos and parents will try to help in this as well.

Will there be consequences for Students who use Covid-19 as a excuse to get out of work or anything else? Will they need to provide proof?

We will require written documentation for positive COVID cases

if my child is out of school for just a common illness will they still have to be tested to return to school

We will not require COVID testing for all sick children.

Will parents be informed of positive cases, should they arise? If there’s a case at our child’s particular school, will that be disclosed ASAP?

We will never release personal information but will give parents answers as we are advised to do so by the ADH.

If a spike of cases happens at a school. Will you have the option to switch to virtual learning if the school doesn’t shut down?

We will give parents flexibility in the case of a spike or other events.


Thank you for holding this platform for parents and community. What would virtual learning look like for kindergarten and lower grades. Will there be daily zoom lessons with teacher?

We will be pushing out lessons and videos. They will have some zooms with the teachers as well but it won't be necessary to successful completion of assignments. We want our students to stay in touch with them and this is why we will maintain some type of virtual contact.

When will we be able to pick up the computers for the virtual learning?

We will be announcing that next week. Watch our website and FB pages. Just a reminder that all students need to arrange pickup of a computer. Wether they are virtual or onsite they still have to get a school issued device in case we have to pivot to all students to be at home.

How would we get the information on how to get started with the virtual class started

We plan to do some parent training and provide videos for parent viewing. The platforms we have chosen are very user friendly and sometimes the students may teach us as adults. LOL

If a student becomes sick or a suspect Covid-19 fever at school. How will that be handled if the parent or guardian can not be reach?

We must have someone who can be reached in the event that a child is running fever or has symptoms of COVID.

Pertaining to Food Services. Will the Schools provide meals for students who choose Virtual/Blended learning? Will meals be served at certain stops or will the parents have to make arrangements to pick them up from school?

We are working on those. We are trying to get a system where a parent preorders a week's worth of meals and then picks them up at their child's school

Will parents be required to meet with Teachers also? With Parent-Teacher Zoom meets to ensure students are meeting requirements with Virtual/Blended classes

We are still working on what PTC will look like since our first one is not til October. We welcome zoom meetings with parents at all times!

Will breakfast and lunch still be offered to my child if my child is a virtual learner?

We are still working on this but we plan to have an option for parents to choose that they would like to pick up a week's worth of meals.

how will lunch be done? will we need to send lunch for our children

We are contracting our lunches across the district this year and each student will have a choice for lunches now. There will be three options daily and the lunch calendar should be released before the start of school

What would have to happen for the schools to close? A certain number of positive cases within a certain school or within the district as a whole? Would the entire district close for a few cases at one school?

This decision relies on direction from Arkansas Department of Health, AR Dept. of Education. Authority for this decision does not solely lie with the School District. The ADH/ADE has yet define specific metrics for closure recommendation.

what happens if a virtual learner is affected by an internet outage? how will the missing lessons be handled?

They will have the ability to do these at a later time if an outage occurs.

For WMSD Virtual Learners who are in Kindergarten through Second Grades, how will those students have their beginning of the school year assessments and other assessments done that are usually done in the classroom?

These may be done through a zoom session or by another means. We are wanting to do this in the best and safest way possible.

So if we choose the option of in person and then want to change to virtual, is there a way to do that?

There is some flexibility on a case by case basis. We just don't want to get in the habit of them switching too often.

Will virtual students receive instruction from their teachers as if they are in the classroom. And how will the students be held accountable for class work?

The virtual students will be receiving essentially the same instruction as those in the classroom. There will be assessments given periodically.

how long would the virtual learning last? I heard for five weeks.

The virtual option will last for the duration of the school year if you so choose. You just have the option every 5 weeks to change to come back to on-campus learning.

What do our kids do about the time lost from this year? How will it get made up? And in the event of a positive case will we go to virtual learning?

The state has a plan that we will be utilizing for what was missed in the spring. We will have flexibility in changing from virtual to in class and vice versa on a case by case basis.

Would the children get a list of things they will need to learn at home or thing they need for virtual like a school supply list

The school supply lists have been released and we will not require students to have things that they don't have access to at home.

Our littles school day typically was learning until lunchtime, then recess and pull outs. Will the virtual learning model this and virtual instruction end. Essentially, how will recess, pullouts, etc look like going virtual on a full 8am-3pm school day?

The schedules are different at each school and for each grade level. We will be pushing out instruction for the students and that will also include the pull outs.

What is the procedure for jr. High ? I haven’t heard anything yet

The junior highs schools will be using the Lincoln Learning curriculum and that will be pushed out by their teachers.

when will all kids pick up their equipment for school

The device distribution will be announced either later this week or next week. Please watch the website and the FB pages for these dates and times.

How will sports be conducted, i.e. cheerleading?

The decision to conduct any or all activities (Sports, Band, Choir, etc) lies with the Arkansas Department of Education, Arkansas Department of Health, and Arkansas Activities Association (AAA). WMSD must follow the directives of these entities once they issue a directive. WMSD is waiting to hear definitive guidance and will post to www.wmsd.net once received.

If a child has been exposed, should they stay home for 14 days? If so will they be able to immediately switch to virtual learning?

The Arkansas Department of Health should be contacted about exposures before school begins. They will be offered virtual learning if the need arises.

Thanks for taking time out to answer questions Have a Blessed day

Thank you for attending!

Will student be screened everyday. If so how will you manage this at the high school.

Students will not be screened by the school every day as far as taking temperatures. We are asking parents to screen before sending the students to school each day.

will home school following school plan still be assigned a teacher for support

Students receiving virtual instruction will be assigned a teacher to assist and support them. To clarify terminology: At Home/Virtual Learners are WMSD enrolled students. A home school student applies to students in a Home School program that is not related to WMSD.

How would the set up of the classroom would be if I decide to do face to face learning?

Social distancing guidelines, recommendations, and accomodations will be met to ensure that students' are safe and receive educational services that meet his or her individual needs.

Of the surveys received what percentage has picked to be virtual?

Roughly 65% of 4000 responses. Some responses were duplicated, so that number has not been verified. We will be extending the survey to be available until August 4, 2020.

After the survey is closed and resulted, is there a chance that all learning will be virtual?

Only if the state requires us to close. At this time no we will have at home learning and in school learning.

Will elementary age students still go to pe, music, art etc as normal?

Not as normal but they will have these classes on a regular basis as usual. The teachers for the pull-out/special classes will be going to the students in their homerooms instead of having 5-7 classes rotate through the "art" room each day.

If a student has a personal Chromebook, are they allowed to use vs. school issued Chromebook?

No. We need all students to use their school issued devices. WMSD will issue a Chromebook to all 3-12 students and an iPad to all K-2 students. Each WMSD device will be setup with specific filters and software to properly manage and provide the best support possible.

Re: Blended learning in elementary education, how will restroom breaks be handled?

No water fountains will be in use/allowed. Specific Restrooms have been designated to specific classrooms. Social distancing will be monitored and practiced as student enter and exit restrroom

How will our students receive their schedule? (HighSchool)

Mr. Jackson answered.

how will this work? is there a camera in the classroom for the students at home to follow along with those at school?

Most lessons will be given through an online platform but there will be some back and forth communication through Google classroom, Zoom, etc.

How would lunch be done for elementary and junior high kids?

Lunches will be provided with three choices daily. Some may eat in the cafeteria and some in the classroom, depending on number.

Will parents be allowed to call the school to check out a student and Pick the child up outside? That will eliminate some office traffic.

At the academies of WM

local campus decision and protocol. Please contact your school principal.

How will IEP students who are virtual students be served and have their accommodations met?

live answered

My students attend Bragg...Will there be a set schedule for Zoom calls or a set schedule for teacher contact?

live answered

Is there any plan for band and choir?

live answered

Will the students still be attending college classes

live answered

Do we have to purchase lockers.

live answered

How will services for special ed be received for virtual learners such as Pt,Pt,st

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For WJHS, will in-coming 7th graders still have orientation/open house to get locker assignment and schedules?

live answered

Are there any restrictions when it comes to Face Mask or Neck Gaitors? Restriction as for logos, picture, colors and so on

live answered

Will there be more than two lunches at the high school

live answered

Will these applications we need for k-6 virtual learning be downloaded on the devices prior to recieving them?

live answered

Pertaining to Face Covering. If a Student refuses to keep mask on, how will that be handled?

It would depend on the age of the student and the reasons behind their wearing of the masks. Students will be allow to make up work. see https://www.wmsd.net/covid19 July 17th updates bulleted items 2-5

If you’ve already submitted a survey, what do you need to do to change your choice?

If you are speaking about survey #3, you can do it again and we will see if that works.

are we going to get the quality education with the virtual education

I believe Mr. Collins answered this verbally at the beginning. It will be a new challenge, but WMSD has a plan in place to provide quality and rigorous academic instruction using Google Classroom, Zoom, Lincoln Learning, SeeSaw, iPads, Chromebooks, and Internet mobile hotspots for all those in need.

how can I check to see if I've done the 3rd survey to get the hotspot and gadgets?

Email me your child's name and school and I will check.

My email is tmccann@wmsd.net if I can't get back to you on here. You should have received a “receipt” email within a few minutes after submission. The subject should include “Survey #3”

Will the virtual learning be the same teacher as on campus learning and will it be as if the child were sitting in class except via a zoom call?

Each day/class will incorporate some Zoom/Google video calls, but it will not be a continuously open video stream for the duration of the class/day. However, there will be a mix of two way video, live chat, view of video, response within interactive curriculum and assessments (Lincoln Learning, SeeSaw, Edmentum, Google Classroom, etc.). Students will be assigned work to complete on their on and teacher will give feedback in the variety of mediums mentioned above.

will the kids who attended actual class in school be shown how to do virtual class at home in case school closing happens


where and when can these devices be picked up? I have a first grader and 9th grader

August 11th and 12th. Watch the website and FB pages for specific dates for specific grades.

Will there be fewer kids in the classroom ? What is the procedure for class exchange ?

Are you asking for elementary or secondary student?

Since you are limiting books and papers being out in the school. Will every student be issues a tablet or chrome book or is that just for virtual learning only?

All students!

will all students receive these devices or just virtual students?

all students will receive devices and can pick up on these days