Jim Jaggers visits schools to receive checks for money students raised .

Bragg, Maddux, and Weaver Elementary schools held fundraisers to help support the Go Jim Go! campaign.Hundreds of students at these three elementary schools lined the streets of their schools as Jim Jaggers of News Channel 3 rode his bike through to chanting and cheers! 

He established the fundraiser to support LeBonheur Children's Hospital back in 2006. Jaggers was on hand to receive his checks for LeBonheur, and hand out some Go Jim Go! swag in the process.
Weaver Elementary raised $750, Maddux Elementary raised $700, and Bragg Elementary raised $1,200. WMSD is so very proud of our students' efforts to give back to our community and those in need of support!
Take a look at the photos from the special day.