Community Conversations

West Memphis School District (WMSD) needs your help in building a strategic vision for our school district.

We Want to Hear From You!

Through a public engagement process starting in November 2023, WMSD will partner with parents, teachers, staff and community stakeholders to ensure we are building a bright future that incorporates a variety of perspectives.

Stakeholder input received during this process will help define district goals that guide the development of a strategic roadmap and action plan that is aligned with the community’s vision.


Attend a Community Meeting

You’re invited to attend an upcoming community meeting to discuss the future of WMSD.  At the community meetings, visit with our team to share your input and ideas about the type of education and educational resources you desire for your community's children – today and in the future. We will have interactive stations where you can provide one on one feedback to WMSD team members and ask questions about how the district operates.

  • Monday, November 6 at 6 p.m. – Hughes High School Gymnasium

  • Tuesday, November 7 at 6 p.m. – Old St. Paul

  • Wednesday, November 15 at 6 p.m. – Arkansas State University Mid-South (Marion Berry Room 136)

Take the Community Survey 

Help us by sharing your feedback via this online survey here.

Para realizar esta encuesta en español haga clic en este enlace.


What is Build a Bright Future for WMSD?

The District is actively engaging current WMSD stakeholders to design, create, and implement a community-inspired strategic plan.

How will the District involve the community in building the strategic plan?

To ensure the inclusion of representative stakeholders of the district and provide district stakeholders with the opportunity to give structured input, stakeholder engagement will consist of community meetings, student feedback and an online survey to ensure we capture the voices of stakeholders to assess the school district community’s highest hopes for learning. 

When does this strategic planning process happen and who is running it?

This is a school board and superintendent lead process. The District is collaborating with a consultant named CaissaK12 to launch and facilitate a strategic planning process that will begin in November of 2024.

How will WMSD develop the strategic plan? There will be three phases in the strategic design process that will lead to the development of Vision 2030: 

  • Phase 1: Engage – the goal of Phase 1 is to guide stakeholders toward a collaborative understanding of the insights and feedback that will function as the foundation of a locally developed vision for all students. This phase will give district stakeholders the opportunity to give structured input, stakeholder engagement will consist of community meetings, one on one interviews, and an online survey. 
  • Phase 2: Design and Goal Setting – WMSD leadership will work to create specific results aligned with the defined goals, based on data and feedback from the community.  
  • Phase 3: Lead - WMSD leadership will develop action plans that serve as implementation plans for the specific results identified in the strategic plan.