Teens honored

In September, Boys and Girls Club of Crittenden County Director Darin McCollum and Tywanna Smith with Teen Money Box presented 21 teens with completion certificates. All of these 13-15 year olds completed a summer workforce training for teens called Limitless Success. 

During the summer, these students spent 8 hours each week, working as employees or trainees with the Boys and Girls Club of Crittenden County. Additionally, they attended training sessions dealing with life skills for 2 hours each week. “This program allows them to be prepared for the workforce and life in general,” said McCollum. 

Smith added that the weekly training sessions enabled the students to receive, “hands on experience practicing what they were learning.” A few of those experiences included pitching marketing plans, organizing community service projects, and even learning about taxes and writing checks. 

Initially, 160 teens were interested in the summer program and 70 applied. Applicants endured an interview process.  McCollum said, “The only negative was that we were limited on the number of kids that could participate.” 

Academies of West Memphis junior Kenzley Lowe learned a great deal about real estate investing during her training, and even said she wanted to start flipping houses with her mom. Another AWM student, MiJoy Ganus was able to use her creativity and talent with crocheting to successfully pitch a marketing campaign. 

West Junior High student Karenten Pitts was given a special award during the ceremony for completing the most Virtual Reality work sessions through TRANSFR VR. Over the course of the summer, Pitts finished 23 sessions, ranging from VR oil changes to VR construction sites.

Even though this experience allowed students to learn a great deal about different jobs and financial obligations, McCollum believes it was a beneficial experience teaching “responsibility” and “how to work with others”. 

He hopes to continue the tradition of Limitless Success in the years to come.